RSK – Bitcoin bridge (2-way peg)


In this post and video i want to share the steps and requirenments to use the RSK-BTC bridge, also known as Two-Way Peg.


  1. A BTC Wallet with funds
  2. Whitelist your address here:



1. Get the federation address by calling the Bridge contract


Navigate to and select from the network list in the right top corner “RSK”. then click on the “contracts” option in the menu.

Finally, to get the address, select the “bridge” contract, access it, select the “getFederationAddress” function and click on the “read” button to get the address.

2. Send funds to the Bridge

PLEASE, don’t follow this step until you are whitelisted!!!

Using your whitelisted address in BTC, send the amount to be converted to SBTC (Smart Bitcoin) to the federation address obtained in the previous step. Use the wallet you want. It’s just a BTC transaction.

The amount should be between 0.1 to 10 BTCs, no less, no more Smile

3. Check the funds converted in RSK

In order to check the funds in RSK we need 2 tools:

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