RSK – Install a node on Microsoft Azure


The RSK network is the Smart Contract platform of Bitcoin, it offers the same capabilities of Ethereum, but the gas is paid with Bitcoin.

When your application needs to interact with the network by publishing or calling a Smart Contract you need a node synchronized.

This video of the series explains how to install a node on a VM using the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The video is closed captioned, and bellow you will find the step by step easy to copy and paste Smile

Step 1:

Navigate to and inside the Azure Portal, click on “Create a resource”

Step 2:

Search for “RSK”, select the “RSK Bamboo v0.x.x MainNet…”, and click on “Create”.

Step 3:

Configure some settings: VM Name, VM Disk Type, username, password, resource group and location.

Step 4:

Select the VM Size, check the sizes and costs; and the node hardware requirements.

Step 5:

Open the 4444 port by changing the default configuration in the network security group.

Add an inbound rule for the TCP 4444 port

Step 6:

Check the configuration summary and click on “create” to launch the deployment.

Step 7:

When the deployment finishes, take note of the public IP or DNS to connect to the node.

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